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The Reason We
Decided to Coach

Learnings from our 20+ years of blissful marriage

Motivating others in their relationship is something we have done by simply speaking about the overwhelming joy we have within our own marriage. Over the past few years, we’ve effectively worked with couples to enhance their marriage and we’ve counselled pre-marital couples to prepare them for the next phase. Seeing the success of those relationships and understanding the need to help others achieve relationship goals, we decided to answer the call and become motivators.

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A fresh approach to healthy relationships

1:1 Consultation

For your mind and soul

Consultations are perfect for individuals who have self-work to complete before coming together for a couple session. Meeting 1:1 will help make sure you’re in proper alignment to prepare for a more productive couple session in the future.

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Couple Session

Perfect for you if..

Your relationship could use a little boost to get on track and thrive! This is great for married, engaged, and seriously dating couples who are ready to see their relationship flourish in every aspect.

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Group Session

For your mind and soul

Not comfortable having all the attention on just the two of you? No worries…Consider hosting a group session with 2 - 4 couples, focusing on topics that matter most to you.

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Johnny and Remi's New Book
Is Coming Soon

Creating the marriage you envisioned when you said, “I do”

The simple truths described in the book are intended to help you realize your potential in your relationship. They are practical and easily incorporated into day-to-day living. Stay Tuned for the book release.

Upcoming Webinars

Fresh Start Consultation

  • Defining a successful marriage

  • How to have a healthy argument

  • Attaining relationship goals

  • Becoming a “power couple”

  • Dealing with marriage anxiety

  • How to make your marriage last

  • Family dynamics

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Our Members'

~ Matthew and Jasmine

“Receiving pre-marital counseling from Remi and Johnny has been an enriching experience. They have provided us with sound advice, affirmations, encouragement, and wisdom every time we met. Each session provided us with an environment that was faith-led. In giving advice, they were able to provide us different perspectives that allowed us to grow. We definitely felt comfortable in opening up and sharing our relationship with them, knowing that it was a safe space. Overall, we can say that we have grown in our faith and in our relationship with each other.”

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