Both born and raised in Oakland, California, we had a divine appointment to begin our “happily ever after” story. We fell in love in the summer of 1995 and dated for five years before getting married in 2000. We were both young, fresh out of college, but we knew that God had called us to be together. Our love continued to grow. After 5 years of marriage, our first child was born in 2005, adding more joy to our lives. Our family continued to grow as we were blessed with two more children in 2007 and 2009.

As time passes, we fall deeper in love each and every day. As we reflect on our relationship, we are able to see how communication, love for God, and love for one another has not only held us together, but caused us to thrive in our relationship. We realize that there are highs and lows in any relationship and trust, we’ve been through those as well. We’ve learned and we’ve grown through those times TOGETHER. We are now at a place where we feel compelled to share what we’ve learned through our relationship in order to help others get to a place of overwhelming contentment in their relationship. Although it may seem passe’ in 2021, we still wholeheartedly believe in the institution of marriage. Marriage Motivation is our way of encouraging couples to stay together and fully enjoy all of the benefits that come with being married.